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The life story of Hulk Hogan will be the focal point of an upcoming biopic on Netflix, in which the big star of wrestling will be played by Chris Hemsworth.

The Australian actor is no stranger to playing fit characters, having starred as Thor in the Avengers films, and in his latest role Hemsworth will be taking on the part of WWE star, Hulk Hogan. While there is speculation on if this biopic is legitimate or not, the man himself tweeted a comparison compilation of photos of himself and Hemsworth.

So we’re going to assume its on!

Here’s what we know so far about biopic.

Who’s directing the movie?

Joker director Todd Phillips is heading up the newly-announced film, which has been written by Scott Silver.

Is the trailer out yet?

As filming has yet to commence, there isn’t a trailer yet.

Who’s in the cast with Chris Hemsworth?

The full cast is currently under wraps, but it is thought that Eric Bischoff – who worked very closely with Hogan during his WCW days – is part of the team.

When is the release date?

Netflix’s currently untitled Hulk Hogan biopic starring Chris Hemsworth has yet to be assigned a release date, and for good reason, as production has yet to begin. The script is also not quite finished, according to recent comments by Hemsworth.