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AKRON, Ohio – Police in Akron, Ohio, have asked the public for help finding a 58-foot bridge that was apparently stolen from a park.

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The pedestrian bridge was used to cross the Little Cuyahoga River in Middlebury Run Park, but was moved to a nearby field during a restoration project, WJW-TV reported.

Ohio police searching for bridge.

Police say this bridge was stolen from Akron, Ohio.

Officials had planned to repurpose the bridge for another project, but officials first noticed treated deck boards had been removed, and then within a week the entire 10-foot wide and 6-foot tall structure was gone, WEWS reported.

Akron police shared pictures of the bridge before it was taken on their Facebook page, asking anyone with information to contact the detective on the case.

Akron city officials told the Beacon Journal the bridge was worth $30,000-$40,000, and the plan was to use the repurposed bridge as part of a parking lot project for a battered women’s shelter.

Police told WJW-TV the bridge has little value when recycled, so they believe the thieves are looking to sell either a complete bridge or bridge parts.