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A black diamond that is truly out of this world is going up for auction. The gem, dubbed “The Enigma” by Sotheby’s, is believed to have come from outer space, likely during a meteoric impact billions of years ago, CNN reported.

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The 555.55-carat black diamond is expected to be sold for at least $6.8 million dollars when it is auctioned off in February in London, The Associated Press reported.

The stone, which is on a tour of sorts before it goes on the auction block, has not been seen in more than twenty years, the BBC reported.

Black diamonds, also known as carbonado diamonds, are extremely rare and have trace amounts of elements found in space, as well as osbornite, which is present in meteorites, CNN reported. Black diamonds are found naturally only in Brazil and Central Africa, the AP reported.

Sophie Stevens, a jewelry specialist at Sotheby’s, told the AP, “With the carbonado diamonds, we believe that they were formed through extraterrestrial origins, with meteorites colliding with the Earth and either forming chemical vapor disposition or indeed coming from the meteorites themselves.”

The diamond is also special because it has 55 facets, in a shape that is based on the Middle-Eastern palm symbol of the Khamsa, the AP reported.

The diamond will be open for bidding from Feb. 3 to 9, and cryptocurrency will be accepted as payment, CNN reported.