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A wild sheep, named Baarack by rescuers, is a lot lighter now.

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The sheep that was found in an Australian forest was carrying around 77 pounds of wool after not being shorn for a long time.

Kyle Behrend, of Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary, said it appears that Baarack was owned at one time and that he had a sign of once being ear-tagged. The tag had been ripped out by the fleece that grew around the animal’s face, Reuters reported.

Behrend said sheep need to be sheared at least once a year, otherwise the fleece keeps growing and becomes matted.

The weight of the wool removed was 35.4 kilograms or just over 78 pounds, Reuters reported.

Not only was the weight of the wool an issue, but it can also trap urine and manure in it which could cause an infection, USA Today reported.

Baarack was underweight because of all of the wool that had grown near its face. It was so thick that Behrend said the sheep could barely see.

Barrack is now living with other rescued animals at Edgar’s Mission.