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The coronavirus pandemic can be confusing and even scary for some children. A Connecticut woman decided to create something that would provide some comfort.

Olivia Carlson, 22, from New Hartford, built “QuaranTine Bears.” The fuzzy teddy bears, complete with a mask, “came to me in the middle of the night,” Carlson told WFSB-TV.

“My dad passed away from pancreatic cancer about a year and a half ago. Right before he passed, we both got Build-A-Bears together,” Carlson told the television station. “His is actually buried with him, but mine I still have, and it brings me a lot of comfort.”


Carlson realized when she began the project that she was not a good seamstress.

“My aunt taught me how to sew,” Carlson told WFSB. “At first, I was very slow and it took about one hour to make one mask.”

With experience, however, came speed, and Carlson was able to make more at a faster clip.

Each bear comes with a mask, along with a matching mask for the child, Carlson said. Each child also received a handwritten note from the bear and a list of tips to stay healthy. Carlson said she has processed 300 orders at $40 apiece.

“I started with six bears. That’s all I had in my possession,” Carlson told WFSB. “Posted it to Facebook and I had no idea how much shares it would get.

I hope these QT bears can help (children) a little bit.”

To buy a bear, click here.