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CHARLOTTE – The athletic departments for North Carolina State University and the University of South Carolina parted ways with CPI Security on Sunday, WSOC-TV reported.

NC State Athletics released a statement saying they are “fully committed to promoting an atmosphere that values and embraces diversity and inclusion.”


The USC Athletics Department said in a statement that their student-athletes, coaches and staff have participated in peaceful protests and have spoken out against racism and social injustice.

“We should all be committed to supporting these efforts,” the department said.


Later Sunday, the Charlotte Hornets released a statement saying they, too, will be ending their partnership with CPI.

“Across our organization from our ownership, to our players, to our staff, we are fully committed to improving racial equality, social justice, diversity and access to education throughout our community,” the statement reads.


The three athletic organizations join the Carolina Panthers, who ended their relationship with CPI Security on Saturday.


All four organizations cut ties with CPI after controversial comments by the company’s CEO.

The decisions come after the nonprofit Queen City Unity called for a boycott of CPI after the group’s executive director said he sent a letter to city leaders calling for change when it comes to police brutality and community safety.

In response, Jorge Millares said he received an email from CPI CEO Ken Gill saying, “Please spend your time in a more productive way … A better use of time would be to focus on the black-on-black crime and senseless killing of our young men by other young men.”

CPI released a statement Friday in support of social justice, but some said it was too late.


“CPI stands against racism and discrimination of any kind, and we are actively supporting solutions like the new CMPD de-escalation training facility that will bring positive change to our community,” the statement reads. “In addition, CPI fully supports the community and our country calling for racial equality and justice.”

Many people have said companies are releasing similar statements to save face.

“This statement crafted by [CPI’s] public relations team is not consistent with the actions and racist words of their CEO, Ken Gill,” Millares wrote on Twitter. “Today, he hosted employee meetings where he continued to say bigoted remarks. PR statements will not get you through this, Ken.”

During that Friday meeting, Gill reportedly told employees, “I want to apologize for whatever I said or not said.”

On Saturday, Gill released a personal statement apologizing:

“I want to apologize for my response … that failed to directly address the need for racial justice and equality in the wake of George Floyd’s senseless killing. I have listened to the feedback and now more than ever realize the need for continued dialogue to help end racism in our community. Working alongside our diverse employee base and community partners, I remain committed to being part of the solution. 


Outside of the sports world, many homeowners in America use CPI security systems to protect their properties.