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LOCKHART, Texas – A Texas family’s missing dog was accidentally adopted to another family by the city’s animal shelter, breaking its own ordinance.

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Marissa Morones said Squeaky got out Jan. 28 and was later captured by Lockhart Animal Shelter, KXAN reported.

“We made several phone calls regarding Squeaky,” Morones said. “They just kept telling us, no, she wasn’t there. They even tried to sway us into believing she was dead.”

Squeaky was adopted three days after she was brought into the shelter to another family. City law requires the shelter to hold onto animals for at least seven days.

“The employee should have double-checked that the wait time wasn’t held correctly,” Sean Kelley, the city’s public works director, told KXAN. “It was a mishap on our part.”

Kelley said Squeaky had been picked up twice previously and each time returned.

“Our animal control officers made multiple attempts to try to reach this person but were unsuccessful, so, when the dog got adopted, the microchip got reinstated to the new pet owner,” Kelley said.

Morones said the contact information on the microchip was old but was updated a day after Squeaky went missing.

The city is trying to work with Squeaky’s new owners and the Morones. However, legally, the new owners don’t have to relinquish Squeaky.

The city said this is the first time something like this has happened.