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SAN ANTONIO – They say, “Everything’s bigger in Texas.” Apparently, that includes the spiders.

According to KSAT and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Teouna and Ken Thomas, of San Antonio, learned that lesson firsthand Friday when an unexpected guest dropped by their apartment – a massive arachnid outside, clinging to a window on their patio door. 

“I saw my husband’s face, and he was like, ‘Oh, my God, what the heck is that?'” Teouna told the Star-Telegram, adding that the spider was the size of her hand. 

Teouna, who said she and Ken relocated from Dallas-Fort Worth to San Antonio last fall, was stunned.

The Thomases were immediately concerned about their puppy, which was outside. Ken told Teouna to grab their camera and decided to capture their eight-legged visitor, the Star-Telegram reported.

Moments later, the creepy critter was secured in a plastic container. Teouna told KSAT that an apartment complex employee took the spider away and released it outside. 

The couple’s encounter quickly went viral after Teouna took to Facebook to share photos and a video of the spider.

“I think it’s time to move,” one commenter wrote.

“Girl! I would pack up my pearls and beads and would be high-tailing it out of there!” added another.

The San Antonio Zoo said the spider appeared to be a Texas tan tarantula, according to KSAT. The species, while large, is usually harmless, the news outlets reported.

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