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FRANKLIN, Tenn. – When Sarah Sharp welcomes her second child, John Ryder, in August, his aunt will play a particularly intimate role in the bundle of joy’s delivery.

Sharp’s twin sister, Cathay Stoner, is carrying the child as a surrogate after Sharp was diagnosed with a recurrence of choriocarcinoma, a rare gynecological cancer she developed roughly one year after giving birth to her first child, Charlotte, WTVF reported.

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“It rocked me to my core. My OB never had a case, so it was pretty rare as cancer in general,” Sharp told the TV station.

Aggressive chemotherapy helped Sharp become cancer-free just before her 32nd birthday, but when it recurred, specialists advised a hysterectomy was the only safe path forward, squashing her dreams of growing her family, according to “Good Morning America.”

Then, Stoner offered her sister a doozy of a favor.

“(Stoner) went to me and held my hand and said, ‘I really will – if you want to have more babies – I really will carry them,” Sharp told WTVF.

Meanwhile, Stoner, a mother of two, said the timing and details were tricky but well worth the effort.

“We waited until Sarah was a year out and then started having conversations with husbands and family and talked to fertility specialists and doors just opened for us to love and serve them in this way for our nephew,” Stoner told the TV station.

According to the American Cancer Society, choriocarcinoma affects only between two and seven of every 100,000 pregnancies in the United States but has a low cure rate if not caught in the earliest stages, prompting it to spread outside the uterus, GMA reported.

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