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LAS VEGAS – Two people are dead after a reckless driving incident in Las Vegas.

According to Las Vegas-based KSNV, two men were riding in a minivan Sunday when the vehicle’s passenger leaned halfway outside of the window and attempted to strike pedestrians walking on the sidewalk.

The passenger missed the pedestrians, but the van later approached a female bicyclist in her mid-50s, authorities said. The passenger pushed the bicyclist to the ground, killing her, police said in a news release.

During the incident, the passenger fell out of the vehicle and hit his head on a light post, investigators said. The man died of his injuries.

The driver fled the scene in the van.

“Senseless is an understatement,” Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Lt. Raymond Spencer said, according to KSNV. “You have a woman who was out riding her bicycle and they pull up next to her and strike her, causing her to die. It’s an absolute senseless act. There’s no reason behind this that I can tell you why it occurred other than complete stupidity.”

Police located and arrested the driver, identified as 22-year-old Rodrigo Cruz. He faces multiple charges related to murder, failure to stop at the scene of an accident and violating conditions of his parole.

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