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MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Florida police released surveillance video Tuesday in hopes of finding the man who sucker punched a 70-year-old man Tuesday.

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The attack occurred Nov. 21 on a corner of the South Beach section of Miami Beach, the Miami Herald reported. Cesar Martinez, of Miami Beach, was struck from behind as he stood on the corner by a man who walked up from behind him, the newspaper reported. The blow knocked Martinez to the ground in what authorities believe was an unprovoked attack, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

According to police, Martinez was struck in the face, causing him to fall into the street and bleed heavily, the Sun-Sentinel reported. One witness helped Martinez while another followed the suspect in his car, recording cellphone video as he shouted out of his window toward the man.

“I saw you man, why’d you do that?” the witness asked the suspect, who was walking away. The man, who was wearing a gray tank top, dark gray or black pants, sandals and a backpack, did not respond, other than to put his arms up in a shrugging motion as he walked away, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

Martinez was taken to a hospital and treated for a broken nose, injuries to his hands and bruising throughout his body, according to the newspaper. He has since been released and is expected to recover, according to Miami Beach police spokesperson Ernesto Rodriguez.

“Now I’m scared to walk around,” Martinez told the Sun-Sentinel. “You never know what may happen.”

Anyone with information to offer is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers, 305-471-8477, or go to the Crime Stoppers website.