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Despite nationwide coronavirus transmission rates remaining relatively low among children, more than 300 youngsters enrolled in Texas day cares have tested positive for the virus, and the numbers are increasing.

According to The Texas Tribune, there were a total of 950 reported COVID-19 positive cases Tuesday at 668 child care locations across the state. Of those infected, 307 are children and 643 are staff members.

Meanwhile, statewide cases confirmed within Texas’ 12,207 licensed child care facilities have increased nearly tenfold from 59 cases in mid-May to 576 on June 23, the Tribune reported.

Dr. Nicholas Rister, a pediatric infectious disease physician at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, told KTVT the number of children diagnosed with COVID-19 has increased at an alarming rate in recent weeks.

“Based on just the number of children that are testing positive in our area, it has more than doubled in the past couple of weeks,” Rister told the TV station, urging extreme caution ahead of the holiday weekend.

“We want everyone to have a great Fourth of July and enjoy the holiday, but those large events are going to be a concern for us,” Rister said.

According to the Tribune, about 1.1 million Texas children attended state-licensed and registered home-based day care centers prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.