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There are new rules in place for the holiday weekend if you plan to rent an Airbnb.

The company says guests under 25 years old with fewer than three positive reviews will not be able to book an entire home close to where they live

Airbnb didn’t reveal how it defines what is “close.”

Airbnb said it wants to weed out any potential problems, specifically unauthorized house parties and feels this is the best way to do so.

The company says it’s a nationwide policy, but it is most relevant for a handful of cities.

The company says its technologies would block that guest from booking.

“No one policy is going to stop all unauthorized parties. We’re also conscious that just because you’re 25 or older doesn’t mean that every single person in that group is booking for the right reasons too,” spokesperson Ben Breit told WSB-TV.

Guests under 25 with at least three positive Airbnb reviews and no negative reviews won’t be subject to the restrictions.

Airbnb began stepping up efforts to ban “party houses” last November after five people were shot and killed during an unauthorized party at an Airbnb rental in Orinda, California. At the time, Airbnb set up a rapid response team to deal with complaints from neighbors and started screening “high risk” bookings, such as reservations at a large home for one night.

In a message to hosts, the company said reducing unauthorized parties is even more of a priority right now as states try to avoid coronavirus outbreaks.

“With public health mandates in place throughout the country, we’re taking actions to support safe and responsible travel in the United States,” the company said.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.