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Tommy Lee said the stage production for Motley Crue’s postponed Stadium Tour would have been “f*cking ridiculous.” In a conversation with, the drummer dished on just how far the Crue progressed in their preparation before the coronavirus pandemic put a kibosh on their plans.

“We were just about to start [rehearsing],” Lee said. “We were gonna start at the beginning of May, rehearse everything, get the production and everything ready, all of May. … We would have been in Miami right now rehearsing in the stadium — we had locked out five days in the stadium to rehearse.”

TICKET INFO: Rescheduled dates have not been announced.”Your tickets will be honored for all postponed shows and refund policy information will be made available shortly,” the four artists said in a joint statement. “Stay tuned, be safe, and we will see you next year!”—

Motley Crue are known for their huge live shows, with pyrotechnics and elaborate stage designs all par for the course. When asked about what they had planned for the Stadium Tour, Lee began to gush.

“Dude, oh, my God. I wish I could tell you. … All I can tell you is, once again, be careful what you wish for,” the drummer exclaimed. “Everybody has clearly seen we take it seriously, and what you can pull off in an arena, I think we’ve pulled off pretty much everything you could possibly ever even fucking think of. So, now we get to play with a f*cking ginormous stadium that has no roof on it. … I’m just telling you right now, the production – and it’s still there, it’s just put away in a couple of giant warehouses. Dude, can I just say it’s fucking ridiculous?”

Despite admittedly being disappointed by having to postpone Motley Crue’s tour until 2021, Lee confessed he’s excited to be onstage when fans return to live concerts.

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