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We are just days away from a big weekend. The Super Bowl is Feb. 13th followed by the “Super Bowl” of love (yes, I know that was cheezy…lol), Valentine’s Day the next day. OnePoll on behalf of Pickswise decided to ask 1,000 NFL fans which they would rather have, their favorite team win the big game or get lucky on Valentine’s Day? The answer might surprise you.

Valentine's "Fun" or Football?

64% of men and 63% of women would rather see their favorite team score a big win the the Super Bowl than “score” on Valentine’s! 48% of men and 36% of women would be willing to go SIX MONTHS without sex if it meant their team would win a title. One more interesting result from the survey, 28% said they will spend more on snacks and beer for the big game than on a present for their Valentine. I’m willing to bet the 28% that said that no longer have a Valentine partner!

My question is why can’t I have both? My team wins AND fun on Valentine’s Day? I am being too greedy?

Have fun watching the big game AND on Valentine’s Day.

–Doug O’Brien