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COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio have welcomed three Alaskan moose calves who were orphaned.

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According to WHIO, the new moose calves are named Bert, Scarlet and Violet, and are about five months old.

In a news release, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium said the moose calves are settling into their new home near the reindeer. They have been busy exploring and checking out the new smells, as well as meeting their new keepers.

The zoo said that staff from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game believe that Bert fell off a bluff and got separated from his mother. Violet was sadly rejected by her mother. The Alaska Zoo team doesn’t know much about Scarlet’s back story, though.

According to WHIO, Bert is the largest of the calves, weighing about 300 pounds. Violet is more than 200 pounds. The zoo said that Scarlet is about 214 pounds and is the smallest of the three.

“I’m so glad the calves made it safely to their new home. Our keepers and interns worked very hard with them all summer. Watching them grow and thrive from wobbly orphans into strong little moose was rewarding, and everyone here felt the bittersweet of sending them to their new home. I know they will have the best care and be loved by everyone there,” said Sam Lavin, curator at the Alaska Zoo, in the news release.

The three calves will be under quarantine for a while before they meet another moose named Strawberry who has been there since last year, according to the zoo.

“All three calves did a great job on the 3,900-mile trip and seeing them immediately explore their new home was wonderful. I’m thankful to the Alaska Zoo team for their tremendous work in nurturing and caring for these three calves. Our team will build on their success, and we look forward to seeing Bert, Scarlet and Violet meet Strawberry (soon) and grow up together,” said Nikki Smith, a curator for the North America region, in the news release.

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