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Parents have just had it as the coronavirus shutdown continues to inch on.

But it’s Ikea to the rescue. The Swedish furniture store known for “easy” to assemble tables and carts has come up with its own instructions on how to keep kids occupied while stuck inside.

Ikea’s Russian branch, with help from creative agency Instinct, drew up plans to make blanket forts with an Ikea spin, the “Today” show reported.

The instructions, complete with lists of household goods you already have, were posted to Ikea Russia’s Instagram page.

While in Russian, the graphics translate into English with some common names with an Ikea touch like Höuse, Cåmpingtent, Cåve, Wigwåm, Förtress and Cåstle, CNN reported.

So grab your Mulig (clothing rack), Nattjasmin (sheet) and Blötsno (string lights) and get creative. You can submit your designs on social media, the “Today” show reported.