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Jethro Tull released their album “The Zealot Gene” on January 28th, 2022.

The work on this album began back in 2017.

The pandemic delayed it’s completion.

The album owes a debt to the Bible for inspiration.

In fact in a release for the album, the band’s singer Ian Anderson is quoted as saying “Under the song titles in the lyrics pages you will notice in very small type biblical chapter and verse references which fueled my songwriting here. In spite of my years of ambivalence and occasional exasperation, on balance I place great worth in the Holy Bible – especially Part 2 – and regard the story-telling and morality lessons as inspirational.”

I had the chance to speak with Ian about the album, songwriting, touring, the flute and more.

Check out our conversation below and below that check out a couple tunes from the album.