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A Kansas woman wrote an appreciative letter to the Colorado State Patrol, praising a trooper for pulling her son over for speeding in the mountains.

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The highway patrol published the woman’s handwritten letter in a Facebook post. The woman, identified only as “Ronda,” called the encounter “a valuable lesson,” KCNC-TV reported.

Trooper Ryan Voss initiated a traffic stop on July 22, according to the woman’s letter.

“You made them think about what may happen if they couldn’t slow down in the mountains,” Ronda wrote. “You showed genuine care and concern for us.”

The woman wrote that she and her sister were widows, and the three children in the vehicle had lost their fathers.

The age of the driver was unclear, and Ronda did not elaborate on the ages of the children in the vehicle.

Ronda said in the letter that the trooper’s message was heard and heeded by her son, KCNC reported.

“It kind of felt like their dads had sent you to teach them a valuable lesson,” the woman wrote.