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WOODBURN, Ore. – A driver of a transit bus in Woodburn, Oregon decided to take a hijacker to the police station instead of “out of the city” as ordered by the suspect.

Aurelio Navarrete Ramirez, armed with a wooden “tire thumper,” was the only passenger on a transit bus when he allegedly ordered the driver to take him out of the city Sunday. The driver instead chose to drive the bus to the Woodburn Police station, unbeknownst to Ramirez.

Bus driver takes hijacker to police station instead of out of town

A quick thinking bus driver decided to take the person who hijacked the bus to a nearby police station instead of taking him out of the city.

Once they arrived at the station, the driver exited, but Ramirez then drove the bus away before police could arrive.

The bus was located later by police on a street in the city of Gervais, and Ramirez was arrested at a nearby residence.

Ramirez has been charged with robbery III, attempted kidnapping II, menacing, coercion, unlawful use of a weapon and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle according to a police report.