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Since 2021 feels like 2020′s ugly step-sister, why not make it a little easier to deal with. Gallon margaritas to go from Chilis can’t hurt can it?

Chili's Margaritas To Go.

You can get a gallon bag of Chili’s margaritas for $40 and on Chili’s birthday, Sat. 3/13, you can smashed for just $30!

By the way, Chili’s says their margaritas are hand-shaken exactly 25 times. For $40 a gallon that I can’t take home, I don’t care. Just have it ready when I pull into the parking lot!

The gallon margaritas to go may not make 2021 any better, but if you drink like we did in college it won’t matter because you won’t remember!

— Doug O’Brien