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FORT WORTH, Texas – A woman crawled through the back window of her car to escape after surviving a devastating 130-vehicle pileup in Texas.

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Alicia Stone was heading to work Thursday morning when she decided to take the I-35 toll road thinking it would be a safer route, WFAA reported.

Instead, the road was the scene of a deadly pileup involving more than 130 vehicles that left at least six people dead.

“I was hitting my brakes, they wouldn’t work,” Stone said. “After that, I got hit probably four or five times from behind, just from people piling up, from the hits. So, I stayed in my car until there were no more hits.”

Her car was crushed between two tractor trailers. The wheels from one of the large trucks was on top of Stone’s car. She crawled out of the back window of her car then called her husband, Heath Stone, an operations manager for an ambulance service.

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“And I couldn’t hear anything else except cars continuing to smash in the background,” Stone said. “That noise you hear as a first responder — after years and years of hearing it, the collision noises, you just know what’s going on.”

He dropped their children off with relatives then rushed to the scene. Alicia Stone was slightly injured but otherwise OK. She was taken to a hospital for evaluation and released, WFAA reported.

Heath Stone went to help other victims.

“There were cars stacked on top of cars,” he said. “You could just hear them yelling, but no one could do anything.”