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When a family member dies, especially one who lives alone, someone has the task of cleaning out the person’s house or apartment.

Normally you may find mementos of a life long-lived, jewelry or sometimes money stashed away.

Rarely, though, do they have to call the police.

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But a family in Casco, Maine, had to call in the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department after finding the skeletal remains of a person in a building on their father’s property.

Maine State Police said that family members are now trying to find out whose bones were found in a building that had been on the property of Douglas Scott, who died at the age of 82.

The chief medical examiner has conducted an examination on the remains and is waiting for results from additional testing and further examinations.

Detectives and deputies are also conducting interviews trying to find out what happened and who the person was, state police said in a news release.