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April 14th is National Ex-Spouse Day. A new survey these are the top 5 things our exes did that annoyed us the most.

1.) Selective hearing…What? Ok, I admit it, I’m guilty of this one!

2.) Snoring…Is there anybody that doesn’t snore? I’ve been told I do, but I don’t know, I’m sleeping. Leave me alone!

3.) Being a control freak…I won’t name any names, but I have an ex that fits this one. I hope she doesn’t read this. She’ll probably correct my grammar.

4.) Being irresponsible with money…This is a tough one because it’s so subjective. Is it irresponsible to buy a cool drone that shoots 4k video instead of getting an oil change for the car? Asking for a friend.

5.) Avoiding chores around the house…I don’t avoid chores. I just had a problem with my ex wanting to do the chores on my day off while I’m trying to watch the game and relax. Why couldn’t we do them during the week when any of the “Real Housewives” shows were on?

Here are more results from the ex-spouse survey.

— Doug O’Brien