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FORT MYERS, Fla. – Firefighters in the right place at the right time are credited with helping a driver who found an unlikely passenger in the engine compartment of their truck.

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The Fort Myers Fire Department said one of its engines was flagged down by a driver needing help while on the way back to the fire station after a call. When the firefighters stopped, they discovered a large python in the truck’s engine compartment.

The fire department shared photos of the snake on its Facebook page.

Firefighters remove snake from truck

The firefighters had been returning to the station from a call when a driver flagged them down for help.

Firefighters contacted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission to take custody of the snake. FWC officials told WINK that the snake, a ball python, was an escaped pet. Officials are working to find the snake’s owner.

Ball pythons are non-venomous constrictor snakes native to Central and Western Africa, according to the Lehigh Valley Zoo. The snakes are popular pets because of their gentle disposition and are known as ball pythons because of their tendency to curl into a ball when threatened, rather than attack.