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Harley got her start in radio during 2020 while starting a podcast which led to being on Rock Rage Radio, helping support unsigned bands. She has always been a staple in the Houston Local Music Scene but She got her big break coming onto Houston’s Eagle in 2021. Having listened to our own Scott Sparks all through high school every single day, she knew radio was her calling. Harley is very active going out to see local and national concerts, you can always find her snapping photos in the front row! She lives by rock n roll, classic rock and metal – the metal horns are pretty much her calling card!

Birthday: May 6th

Favorite band: Mötley Crüe

What I’m doing when I’m not working: supporting local live music!

Favorite Movie Saga: Scream

Best local bands to check out: Mötley Krüe – A Tribute To The World’s Most Notorious Band, KIDD SIX, Saving Vice, Kerosene Shores, Edge Of Destiny (for more recommendations, just ask me!)