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Jesse Money who was in her dad’s (Eddie Money) band, reworked one of his songs to be a tribute to him.

She worked on the song with her brother Dez who also played in Eddie’s band.

Eddie had written the song for Jesse and her siblings.

That certainly played into how Jesse reworked the song, “Everybody Loves Christmas: A Song For Dad”.

Jesse was very honest about grieving for her father.

In fact on her Instagram account she said this of the tune “It was hard for me to write some of the lyrics but I wanted to sing something special to honor him.”

We also spoke about the idea of touring doing her father’s music as a tribute to him.

We discussed her album which she is working on now.

She spoke about how the music will have similar tones to her dad’s songs so that they would work together side by side in a live setting.

Watch our conversation below and below that check out the lyric video for “Everybody Loves Christmas: A Song For Dad”.