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DALLAS – A Southwest Airlines employee went the extra mile to reunite a young girl and her stuffed dog named, “Dog Dog.”

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Southwest Airlines shared the journey of Dog Dog, who went on a fun and incredible journey to be reunited with a girl named Luna. The journey was shared on Southwest Airlines’ Facebook page, according to WFAA.

Luna realized when on a return trip home from Dallas, Texas, that her stuffed dog was left behind, according to WFAA. Luna’s mother, Jessica, called Southwest Airlines and told them that they possibly left the stuffed dog in a rental car they had used. Christina, a Southwest Ops Agent at Dallas Love Field Airport, drove to the rental car company where luckily, she found Dog Dog.

“The good news was that the toy was in safe hands, but the bad news was that Dog Dog was still a long way from home. Christina holds onto the doggo, and starts taking photos of Dog Dog’s ‘adventures’ along the way,” said Southwest Airlines in a Facebook post.

Christina held onto the stuffed dog and took it on a few adventures, keeping him safe until Luna and Jessica got back to Dallas about a month later to pick it up, according to WFAA.

According to KTBC, Christina took photos of Dog Dog on his adventures. Christina even made a photo album for Luna.

“Finally, a month later, Jessica and Luna return to Dallas. Not only did Christina return Dog Dog safe and sound, but she included a photo album of Dog Dog’s adventures at Southwest Airlines so Luna could see what her old friend had been up to while they were apart,” said Southwest Airlines.