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BRIDGEPORT, Ct. – A Connecticut veterinarian is behind bars on animal cruelty charges – again.

Dr. Amr Wasfi was arrested Thursday morning outside Black Rock Animal Hospital in Bridgeport after authorities say a healthy 10-week-old American bulldog named Lyrics was burned to death while in the vet’s care, News 12 reported.

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Police told the TV station that Lyrics was left unattended on a heating blanket.

Compounding the tragedy is the fact that Wasfi told the bulldog’s owner, Eric Jones, that the beloved pet died of parvo following a routine procedure in September.

“I’m still heartsick that my baby’s gone. That’s like my son,” Jones told News 12. “My pup was on the table, covered up, so I took the covers off of him, and then I said, ‘Hold up, something ain’t right,’ pointing to burns underneath his body. He was trying to hide what he had done to my dog.”

According to the Connecticut Post, Wasfi’s Thursday arrest came about 18 months after he was accused by Jose Valentin, also of Bridgeport, of nearly killing his dog.

News 12 reported that Wasfi was still practicing because the novel coronavirus pandemic has prevented his prior animal cruelty case from moving through the courts.

“I’m glad that somebody else finally came forward to try and to him shut down,” Valentin told the TV station.