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Dean and Rog have been waking up Houston for over 20 years. 107.5 The Eagle listeners have come to count on them for hilarious phone pranks and smart-aleck comments.

“People ask me, ‘Rog, what’s the secret to your success?’ It’s simple…chicks dig us and guys think they can take us. It’s a winning combination.”

“If I had a nickel for every time we were called “smart-alecks, we’d be wealthy guys, oh, wait—we are smart-alecks, where’s the damn money?” noted Dean.

Their show is the perfect balance of talk and music and just enough information to start your day. You won’t find any angry political talk here, just 5 hours of fun.

Fans of the show can’t get enough of the Birthday Scam, Redneck Roy, and the Dean and Rog Singers, and most importantly, the Drink of the Week.

Over the years they’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for various local charities with their own Golf Tournament and famous Holiday “Best Of” CD’s; still available on eBay.

Dean and Rog first worked together 20 years ago in Saginaw/Flint Michigan where they had one of the highest rated morning shows in the country. Then it was off to Salt Lake City where they had one of the lowest rated morning shows in the country. Then they had 6 successful years in Denver, then Phoenix and ultimately here to Houston where they have become local legends. After a long and borderline historical run on the Arrow, they made the dramatic jump to 107.5 The Eagle.