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The original demo tape, that landed Prince his first record contract at just 18 years old, is being auctioned.

According to the Good News Network, RR Auction is calling the sale a “stunning revelation for music enthusiasts and Prince fans worldwide.”

Recorded on a 1/4″ reel-to-reel tape in 1976, the demo reportedly contains unreleased versions of three Prince originals: “the catchy pop tune ‘Just As Long as We’re Together’ and the disco-pop song ‘My Love is Forever’, and ‘Jelly Jam’,” staff writers at Good News Network report.

>> Listen to the released versions below or click here.

Prince wrote, arranged, sang, and played all the instruments for the tracks at Sound 80 Studios in Minneapolis when he was just 18 years old.

The historic artifact was obtained from the estate of the late Warner Bros. Records executive Russ Thyret, the Good News Network reports, adding that “the reel, enclosed in its original custom-made box, has a hand-written label with the notice: (c) 1977 Prince Nelson.”

The tape also comes with a plexiglass display case, a business card belonging to Russ Thyret, and a CD transfer of the tape’s audio.

The online auction is scheduled to ends on June 22.

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