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On January 22nd 2023 a post appeared on Billy Squier’s website.

It was simply titled “HEADS UP!”.

The post was a short video of 19seconds.

There is some text on the video.

One large word in red print that says “HARDER”.

As the video plays and you hear a song playing the words “IT’S COMING…” appear on the screen.

As best as I can make out, the lyrics in the song say “She don’t wanna shout, She don’t wanna Cry, She don’t wanna listen to the La La Lies”.

The image that drifts in as the video continues show a nose, an eye and hair.

From what can be seen it’s hard to tell if this is an old image of Billy himself or if it may be somebody else.

That video was preceeded by a video tweeted out on January 1st 2023.

The tweeted video is of a guitar sitting on stand with some instrumental music playing and across the screen comes the question “ready to make some noise?”

Check out the video from Billy’s below and below that see the tweeted video.