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ATLANTA – Two women who ordered Black Lives Matter posters from a major printing company said they were shocked when they opened their package to find All Lives Matter posters included, WSB-TV reported.

Sania Chandrani and artist Jessica Noel ordered the posters, which Noel designed, from Vistaprint. The posters were ordered for a fundraiser, according to WSB-TV. Chandrani recorded the moments in which she opened the package, which contained the posters she ordered — but also included the other posters.

“I just opened up the rest of this package, and they sent these in the back,” Chandrani said.  “The fact that they would send this to me with my order is really reprehensible.”

Noel told WSB-TV that when the posters arrived on Juneteenth, she thought someone was playing a cruel trick on them.

“It feels like an intentional attack and a way to undercut the message of this piece specifically,” Noel said.

In a statement obtained by WSB-TV, Vistaprint CEO Robert Keane apologized for the incident.

“I personally offer my heartfelt apology,” Keane wrote. “Racism is intolerable. Black Lives Matter.”

Keane went on to say that there was an error in the automated system that combined two different customer orders and that it was “not the act of an individual team member.”

Chandrani and Noel told WSB-TV that they’re skeptical.

“It feels tampered with,” Noel said. “It feels like it was intentional.”

Vistaprint officials said they will work with the women to help raise money for racial equality causes.

The Cox Media Group National Content Desk contributed to this report.