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Cooking Thanksgiving dinner starts early and help is always appreciated. According to a new poll, the average dinner host spends 6 hours in the kitchen, while the actual meal lasts only 35 minutes. Finding someone to help with the clean up afterwards is almost impossible! 46% of Americans are willing to pay $5,000 to have their home magically cleaned from top-to-bottom after the holidays. 54% say it’s yet another reason to have small gatherings this year.

The top things we dread about Thanksgiving dinner are:

Washing all the dishes – 47%

Cleaning the house – 44%

Preparing the meal – 36%

59% of those surveyed said family members promise year after year to help with the dishes even though they never do. 58% have guests who just happen to arrive when the clean up is done and then say they would have helped if they had known. 38% say children are the main ones to escape clean-up duty, while our significant others are a close second at 30%.

— Doug O’Brien