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TAHOE CITY, Calif. – Officials in California are warning homeowners to be aware after a woman was attacked by a bear in her home.

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The Placer County Sheriff’s Office said the woman was attacked in broad daylight while she was taking the trash out of her home. Deputies that said when the woman took the trash out, she left her front door open, and while she was outside the bear walked into the house. When she returned home, she came face to face with the animal, who scratched her face and knocked her to the ground.

Deputies told KOVR that the woman was able to get away from the bear and call 911. When officers arrived, they found the bear up in a tree nearby.

California wildlife officials were called out to the home and took the bear away, but officials did not specify what happened to the animal, The Sacramento Bee reported.

Deputies said the woman’s condition is unknown.

Officials warned people to leave their houses and car doors locked at all times, even if only leaving for a moment. They also reminded people to not leave any food, wrappers, or crumbs in a car or unsecured trash can.