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DETROIT – When in court, dress up — even if it’s a virtual hearing.

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That was the message from a Detroit judge, who scolded a construction worker who wore a T-shirt while at his job site, WJBK reported.

“I don’t do sweats and I don’t do T-shirts in my courtroom,” Judge Ronald Giles of the 36th District Court said, the television station reported.

It was unclear what charge the defendant was facing.

When the man told the judge he was at work, Giles reiterated his stance.

“If you come to court, you dress for court because in my court, if you don’t dress for court, I’m gonna dress you,” Giles told the defendant, WJBK reported. “Which means I send you to Wayne County Jail and let them dress you.”

William McConico, the chief judge for the 36th District, said Giles’ did not break any rules to require a dress code for court. However, he added that the judge could have been more flexible.

“My take is that it’s not a good look for the court. That’s not normally how court cases are conducted,” McConico told WJBK. “I would say that a lot of judges would have made an exception because his work attire is construction. ‘This is my work attire, you’re in yours.’ We are all in different professions.”

McConico said he will meet with the judges to discuss the incident, the television station reported.

Giles has served as a judge in the 36th District Court since 2006, according to the court’s website.