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On November 6th Whitesnake will release their collection “Love Songs”.

It is part of the “Red, White and Blues Trilogy” from the band.

“The Rock Album” which came out in June is the White of the trilogy.

“The Love Songs” is the Red and obviously “The Blues Album” will be the Blue.

“The Blues Album” is expected in 2021.

This collection includes many hits and deep cuts from Whitesnake that have been remixed and remastered.

Plus there are three previously unreleased songs from David Coverdale’s solo album “Into The Light”.

Those songs are “With All Of My Heart”, “Yours For The Asking” and “Lets Talk It Over”.

Those three all songs David told me he wrote for his wife.

Along with this release come a few classic videos from Whitesnake now in HD.

David even had an amusing observation about Tawny Kitaen in one of the HD videos.

Hear David discuss “Love Songs” below and below that, check out a few of those HD videos.

During our chat David also mentioned a Zoom call with former members from the band about a legendary show 30 years ago.

You can see that chat and the show below as well as David unboxing the album.