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Back in November 2020 Wolfgang Van Halen released the video for his song “Distance” dedicated to the memory of his da Eddie Van Halen who passed away in October 2020.

Everybody seems to love the song.

Then there was all kinds of conversation as to when we would get the album.

Then on February 10th 2021 we got all the album info along with the release of another song off the album “You’re To Blame”.

The album is coming June 11th 2021 and you can see the track listing here.

Despite writing the songs, playing all the instruments and doing all the singing on the album, Wolfgang will play live with his band Mammoth WVH.

Their first public performance was to play “Distance” on Jimmy Kimmel Live on February 11th 2021.

You can watch that performance below.

I felt Wolfgang did a great job singing the song and handling the guitar solo as well.

The band sounded tight over all.

And a DVR alert, February 19th the band will do an acoustic performance on NBC News’ Today.