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Admit it. Self-isolation and social distancing have been boring. Sports fans missed out on baseball spring training, a perfect time to interact with their heroes. Other sports have only recently begun to creep back into activity, albeit with limited crowds. Movie theaters have been empty.

Want to scratch that itch and interact with a celebrity? Cameo is here to help.

The company, which allows people to pay celebrities to record personal messages, is now offering 10-minute Zoom calls with your favorite athlete or celebrities, CNN reported.

Those calls won’t come cheap — former NFL quarterback Brett Favre charges $5,000, former NSYNC singer Lance Bass costs $1,250, and legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk will set you back $1,000, CNN reported.

Steven Galanis, Cameo’s CEO, said his business “was almost tailor-made for the social distancing era,” especially for celebrities who are unable to go onto the field or go out on tour.

“Suddenly, for the first time in human history, every single athlete, actor, entertainer, musician, and comedian all find themselves out of work at the same time, and fans don’t suddenly stop caring about their favorite people,” Galanis told

Not all celebrities are expensive. Some, like cast members of reality shows, cost only several hundred dollars, CNN reported.

For those who lack deep pockets, there is still the bread-and-butter of the Cameo experience — personalized messages from celebrities.

Favre only costs $300 for that, by the way. But if you want a full-blown conversation — “Brett, why did you throw into coverage in the 2010 NFC Championship Game?” — be prepared to fork over some dough.