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RALEIGH, N.C. – Crews removing the base of a Confederate monument in downtown Raleigh discovered a time capsule, WRAL reported.

The state Department of Natural and Cultural Resources reported the capsule has not been opened yet.

The capsule was placed in the base of the monument in 1894, according to the State Archives. The monument was dedicated a year later. Officials plan to open the capsule later this week under lab conditions.

A newspaper article from Raleigh’s The Daily Presspublished May 22, 1894, makes mention of “The Great Event.”

According to the article, “the following items were deposited in the corner stone”:

  • A button from the coat of a cadet of the Hillsboro Academy killed near the end of the war in Goldsboro.
  • A button cut from the dress coat of Gen. Lee by Mrs. Lee and given by her to Ms. Cameron.
  • A rosebud from the coat of Gen. Lee.
  • The roster of Gen. Branch, Gen. Gordon, Gen. Hill and Gen. Grimes.
  • Address by Gen. Scales on the Battle of Fredricksburg.
  • Address of Col. Waddell on The Confederate Soldier, delivered in New York.
  • Address by Sen. Vance, before the Andrew Post, Boston, on the social condition of the South during the war.
  • An account of the charge at Gettysburg.
  • A copy of the Fayetteville Observer from 1892.
  • A Confederate testament, hymn book, arithmetic.
  • Confederate bills, state bills, a colonial bill.
  • A map of Wake County.
  • A North Carolina almanac for 1894.
  • A copy of the Wilmington Star.

It is not entirely certain if the article relates to the time capsule that was found, WRAL reported.