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Back in November 2020 Wolfgang Van Halen released his debut solo single “Distance”.

He dedicated the song to his father Eddie Van Halen who had passed away on October 6th 2020.

On February 2nd 2021 Wolfgang released a taste of another song “You’re To Blame” on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

As Wolfgang has said before, the song does not sound like Van Halen.

The song is credited to “Mammoth WVH”.

The band name “Mammoth” was a name Van Halen used in the early days.

Wolfgang says his father was ok with him using that name.

Mammoth WVH will be on live tv soon making an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live February 11th 2020.

I’m curious about the band since Wolfgang played all the instruments and sang all the songs for the album as well as having written all the songs.

The short video clip suggests the album will include 14 songs, with “You’re To Blame” being the album’s 11th track and “Distance” being the final track.

The posts tell us the song is “Coming soon” and the video may also be giving us a glimpse of the album artwork as well.

Watch the video clip below.