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In 2019 Bon Jovi announced they would be releasing an album called “Bon Jovi 2020″ in 2020.

The album was set to be released on May 15th 2020.

Then the world changed.

The COVID-19 pandemic seemed to close the world.

Jon Bon Jovi was inspired to write a song about how people responded to the pandemic.

That song “Do What You Can” was one of the songs Jon performed on the “Jersey4Jersey” telethon on April 22nd 2020.

The album was delayed until Fall so Jon could get with the rest of the band and record the song and add it to the album.

Then May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a 46-year-old black American man, was killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during an arrest for allegedly using a counterfeit bill.

That inspired Jon to write the song “American Reckoning” which the band released on July 9th 2020.

Jon said on the Bon Jovi website “I was moved to write American Reckoning as a witness to history, I believe the greatest gift of an artist is the ability to use their voice to speak to issues that move us.”

100% of the band and Island Records’ net proceeds from the download of “American Reckoning” will support the Bryan Stevenson’s Equal Justice Initiative thru December 31, 2020.

I don’t think Bon Jovi thought when they named the album “Bon Jovi 2020″ that it would contain songs written around two very major events of the year.

Especially when the events and the songs didn’t exist when the album was first announced.

Below you can see the videos for “American Reckoning”, “Do What You Can” and the first single from the album “Limitless”.