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WALTON COUNTY, Fla. – Sheriff’s deputies in Florida are working to identify hundreds of teenagers seen on video at an illegal house party.

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Deputies with the Walton County Sheriff’s Office were called to the house late Friday night for a party, and arrived to find approximately 200 kids at the illegal event, WJHG reported.

The home that served as the site of the party was an empty house currently for sale and listed for nearly $8 million, WJHG reported.

Walton deputies shared videos from inside the party in a Facebook post, with one showing the foyer of the mansion being used as a boxing ring.

“It really baffles the imagination, the stupidity involved,” Walton County Sheriff Michael Adkinson told WEAR. “These geniuses took their cellphones and videotaped everything and put it online.”

Watch: Videos from inside illegal Florida party (Warning: Contains explicit language)

Deputies warned the teens that they would all be tracked down in their Facebook post, saying, “Here’s another sliver of information; Snapchat isn’t private. You may think it is if you are a teenager or someone in their early 20s and you are not yet worldly. Your friends will snitch Word gets out. You’ll be tagged in pics on the Gram. Also, we can subpoena Snapchat.”

While the party left damage at the house, deputies said the crime goes beyond the financial costs.

“It’s not even so much about the items at this point, about what was stolen, or what was destroyed, it’s about people going into your closet and trying on your clothes, and people being in your bathroom, in your bed, all of that,” Corey Dobridnia, public information officer for the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, told WJHG. “It’s not funny, it’s not fun, it’s not cool. For these kids’ parents, it’s going to be a wake-up call. We’re not talking about an open party charge, we’re talking about a burglary charge.”

The sheriff told WEAR that deputies are working with the homeowners to determine what was stolen and the cost of the damage to the house. Nobody has been publicly charged or identified in the case.