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Sammy Hagar and The Circle have been doing “Lockdown Session” songs since March.

They actually announced recently that they would be releasing an album of all the performances called “Lockdown 2020″.

But they didn’t want to stop with the 11 tracks that will make up the album.

On December 15th 2020 Sammy and The Circle posted the video of their Lockdown Session take on “Santa’s Going South For Christmas”.

This was a song Sammy released as a picture disc on Record Store Day in November of 2019.

Sammy has a little message along with identifying the guests in the video “This song has been waiting many years for a video. Here it is, courtesy of Lockdown 2020, along with Kari and Andrew plus special guests Guy Fieri and Mikey’s daughter & granddaughter Elisha and Nina. Merry Christmas Redheads! – Sammy”

Watch the video below and check out all the videos for the “Lockdown 2020″ album here.