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TEXARKANA, Texas – Well, this certainly makes planning for birthday parties much easier.

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A Texas family welcomed their fourth child last week. Three of them have the same birthday in June, including Helen, the latest addition, KTAL reported.

“We were able to kind of wait a little bit long enough to wait for the kids to get up,” Jonathan Hornok, of Texarkana, told the television station. “To be able to say ‘Happy birthday, here’s some doughnuts. We’re leaving.’”

It’s getting to be routine every three years.

Jonathan Hornok and his wife, Mariah Hornok, declined to give the exact birthday of their children, citing privacy reasons, but all of them were born three years apart during the first week of June. Alexandra was born nine years ago in March, while Miriam, 6, and John, 3, were born in June. Now, Helen joins two of her siblings in sharing the same birthday.

“Mariah and I spent the day in the hospital waiting for Helen to come,” Jonathan Hornok told KTAL. “And you know (we) had to watch them open presents over FaceTime.”

The Hornoks say the births of their children were not planned, but they were amused by the exact dates.

“People want to know what was nine months beforehand, I mean we don’t — September,” Mariah Hornok told KTAL, laughing.

The three children are not alone with their unique birthdays. Their grandmother and a great aunt were also born on the same day, the television station reported.

“I mean I can’t think of a better gift. To have grandchildren born on your birthday. I mean that’s pretty amazing,” grandmother Vicki Hornok, 62, told KTAL.

Family members compare the shared birthday to Christmas in June.

“You know, it’s nice to have a birthday that is all your own,” Jonathan Hornok told KTAL. “But it’s also nice to have a day of the year that’s just really special for our family.”