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Scott Sparks 3pm-7pm

First Record: “Rock Of The Westies” (LP) – Elton John

Last Record: No record, all I-tunes. Plus, I have teenagers. They dictate the ‘sounds’, but I’ve got them listening to The Police and Elton John. It’s a work in progress.

Guilty Pleasure: Cigars and Sushi

Air Guitar Song: “What I Like about You” – Romantics “Comfortably Numb” – Pink Floyd

Rock Icon: Elton John or Tom Petty (depending on my mood)

Fave Album Cover: “Sticky Fingers” – Rolling Stones or “Candy-O” The Cars

Rock Star you’d Like to Fight: None. “Peace and Love” Ringo Starr

Pet Peeve: Classic Headliners with never heard of opening Acts. Let’s get on with it. I need to get home for CSI: Miami

Fantasy Group: Hendrix, Benjamin Orr, Billy Preston, Bob Scott, Warren Zevon, Robert Palmer, Tupac and Keith Moon. Who knows what it would sound like, but I would damn sure eBay all of their signatures.

Epitaph: ‘Told you I was sick’

Tattoos: None.

One thing no one knows about you (yet): Always make my bed before I leave the House.