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One of the greatest sounds in the summer is hearing the music from the ice cream truck as it makes it’s way through your neighborhood. As soon as you start hearing it the mad scramble to find enough change to buy your favorite treat begins. used Google Trends to determine our favorite ice cream truck treats.

1. Klondike Bars, nine states.

2. Choco Tacos, eight states.

3. Red-white-and-blue Firecracker popsicles, seven states plus D.C.

4. Ice cream sandwiches, five states.

5. Lemon Ice, four states.

Fudgesicles are #1 in three states, Drumsticks in two, Creamsicles in two, and Bomb Pops in two. By the way, is there really a difference between the Firecraker popsicle and the Bomb Pop? That’s a debate for another day.

8 other treats got one state each: SpongeBob Ice Cream Pops, Snow Cones, Screwballs, Push-Up Pops, Malt Cups, King Cones, Crunch Bars, and Chipwich sandwiches with cookies and ice cream.

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— Doug O’Brien