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EAST LYME, N.Y. – A couple of men from New York were arrested Thursday after stealing used cooking grease from an East Lyme restaurant, police said.

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The greasy gold is part of a larger $75 million in losses the oil rendering industry sees from thefts each year, officials estimate. Processed oil, known as yellow grease, is a popular biofuel. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 100 pounds of yellow grease can be worth about $25.

Around 5:42 a.m., East Lyme police saw William Urbina and Kevin Romero-Castor acting suspiciously near a restaurant, WTNH reported. As investigators followed their vehicle, they noticed cooking oil leaking from it.

Both Urbina, 34, and Romero-Castro, 23, were arrested and charged with conspiracy, larceny and criminal trespass, WTNH reported. Romero-Castro was also charged with failure to appear in a Monroe, Connecticut, court.