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LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Officials with the Louisville Zoo announced the hatching of three penguins over the past six weeks.

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In a news release, zoo officials said that the eldest Little Penguin chick was hatched on Oct. 28 to parents Miramar and Rabbit. The second chick emerged from its egg on Nov. 4 to parents Eudyptula “Tula” and Granite, and the youngest hatched on Nov. 15 to parents Clarkie and Boost.

The chicks have yet to be named, zoo officials said. They are still nesting with their parents and will be part of the zoo’s exhibit in the spring, WLKY reported.

The penguin care team said there are more unhatched eggs, and they are anticipating more chicks soon.

“Hatchings and births are always a great time for celebration, and we are excited to welcome these new ‘little’ ambassadors this holiday season,” Louisville Zoo executive director Dan Maloney said in a statement. “Our aviculturists are doing great work! With November’s first-ever East African crowned crane hatchling in the zoo’s 52-year history and now these three Little Penguins, there is much to celebrate.”

According to the zoo, the Little Penguin population is estimated to be about 500,000 in the wild. They are native to the southern coast of Australia and the coastline of New Zealand and their population has been declining due to habitat loss and predators, particularly domestic dogs and cats.