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HENDERSON, Tenn. – A dog has been reunited with its owner in New York, after disappearing five years ago and traveling 1,000 miles across the country to Tennessee.

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The dog, Azzurra Diamante, disappeared from a home in Queens, New York, in 2016. Jen Costa, Azzurra’s owner in New York, said she spent months trying to track down her dog, and eventually assumed someone took the dog with no plans of returning her, WBBJ reported.

Azzurra wasn’t found until 2020 when she showed up at a front door in Henderson, Tennessee, The Jackson Sun reported. “I had just moved in with my roommate — literally days before — when Azzurra showed up at our front door. We opened the front door and she just walked in like she lived there,” Abbie Bayless told The Jackson Sun.

Bayless and her roommate cared for Azzurra, but because they already had a dog, knew they weren’t the right home for her, and eventually reached out to an animal shelter, The Jackson Sun reported.

In a Facebook post, Friends of City of Henderson Animal Control said they were able to find a microchip on the dog that led them to her owner in New York.

Costa, who had all but given up on ever finding her dog again, was shocked to get a message last week. “I was sitting in my barbershop chair getting a haircut and I saw an email and I just started crying. He had to stop and hand me a tissue. He had to wait to cut my hair,” Costa told WBBJ.

Costa drove to Tennessee to pick up the dog, and upon arriving posted on Facebook saying, “she didn’t skip a beat she remembered how we used to roll [and] she said mama let’s go!”